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The Host: A Novel

The Host - Stephenie Meyer Since I haven't read a 600 page+ book in a while, let's take a moment to congratulate me. LOL.Interesting. I've been wanting to read this one for a while, mainly because it was by Stephenie Meyer and I wanted to see what else she could write about besides vampires. (I'm sick of vampires. Unless we're talking Vampire Diaries. I will never get sick of Vampire Diaries.) There were a lot of mixed reviews to this one. The majority of people thought it was alright. Some thought it sucked and some thought it was fab. Me? I think it's between okay and fab. In other words, yes, it was worth my 10 ish dollars.I think Stephenie Meyer is a really great writer, actually. I just didn't like the Twilight series as much as I hoped to, probably because of the content-- but reading The Host has helped me realize that she is a very descriptive writer. It's just, every page is full of description and it's so visual that I don't know what the movie people were thinking when they did the cast.Speaking of the movie.. well, I'm still looking forward to watching the movie. (Jake Abel! I can't!!) I think I'm fine with everyone BUT Melanie. Saoirse Ronan is a really great actress. I can see that already in the trailer, but she just doesn't look like Melanie. And they got the whole soul color thing wrong.The plot was well-organized. However, there weren't any, I think, plot twists. I don't know. Isn't that what gives a reader the pleasure of reading it? Plot twists? But yeah. It was still finely organized.Character discussions.Melanie- She wasn't our primary narrator, and I don't think she was the protagonist either. But we've gotten to know her pretty well, through Wanderer. She's a very violent and aggressive girl that cares for her loved ones and would rather die than see them hurt. Yaknow, that kinda person.Wanderer- Ah, our protagonist and narrator. I liked her a lot, although she did seem a bit fobby at first about how to live like a human. She felt like a parasite the whole time, except it wasn't even her fault. But yes, she's very brave. And it's kinda tragic how she and Melanie shared the same body-- it made the romance complicated..(The romance was just weird. But good. Sorta. I liked the development with Ian the most. Gee, I wish I could write romance like that.)Ian-I just knew it LOL. (Why did I imagine Jared hotter than Ian like what was I even thinking geez now when I watch the movie--) Ian's a great guy.. period.Jared- At first, he was just being really bitter and defiant and just plain mean but then I think he loosened up. He was in love with Mel the whole time and he just sort of accepted/befriended Wanderer? I guess.There are much more characters that you should definitely meet, but I won't discuss them now.The Host has been such a page turner. I can't wait for the next.