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Twilight (The Twilight Saga, Book 1)

Twilight - Stephenie Meyer, Stephenie Meyer First of all, I'm getting kind of annoyed at people who haven't even READ Twilight say that Twilight is the worst love story ever; ew Twilight. I have got to say that the movies ruined this series. I'm not saying anything about the actors and actresses, I'm talking about the movie being tremendously different from the book. Maybe the romance here is a little weird, like, Bella is over-obsessed with Edward, but have any of you read Midnight Sun? It's in Edwards POV, available to read right here on Goodreads's ebooks section. Well, in Midnight Sun, he was really really really perverted! "I LOVE HER TOO MUCH" "I NEED HER" "HER BLOOD SMELLS SO GOOD" So it' NOT just Bella. Yaknoe. I think this book was the best book in the series, because, well. The rest is kind of a drag-on. Edward runs away. Bella is sad. Bella tries to kill herself. Bella looks for Edward. Edward comes back. Jacob interferes. They get married and happily ever after! Not cool. Also, for the 'Team Edward' and 'Team Jacob' thing, some people are only on Jacob's side because of freaking Taylor Lautner. Who cares if he's tan and got abs, okay? This is one of the reasons that the movie ruined everything, because apparently people think that Edward isn't that hot. (I never said I didn't) If you've actually read the book, you'll see how horrid Jacob is. He's such an interference from Edward and Bella's perfect chemistry. It doesn't count as a love triangle at all. He's just trying to get into the triangle, but Bella's not letting him.It's not really a bad love story at all.