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Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Daughter of Smoke and Bone - I know I'm being really unfair since it's all my fault that I didn't know what was happening at all in the whole entire book. Which was probably why I took a whole WEEK. So slow, I know.The first reason that made me want to read this book was the cover. Look at the freaking gorgeous cover. Wow. And the title. And the high ratings just made me want to read it so bad.I honestly did not know what was happening as I read this. Maybe I'll even try this book again in the future...Anyways, despite that, I caught little bits and pieces. Even if I wasn't able to put them all together for the story to make some sense, I caught some of the allusions in this book; and I think that's mainly what I like about it.When I watched the book trailer video again, I realized that I caught more than I thought I did. Hm. But yeah. This story doesn't really appeal to me as much as it did most people. However, I TOTALLY LOVE the idea of this whole entire book. It just bothers me that my expression was the -trying to concentrate but can't- face. I just don't really think the writing style captivated me. (Or maybe it's that I had too much distractions. Like I said, my fault. Which is why I'm pretty determined to give this book another try! Someday..Yeah. Anyways, that's all.