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Witch and Wizard

Witch & Wizard  - James Patterson I learned one thing from reading this book: Never trust other people on their book opinions.Yeah. When my sister read this book, she was like, 'I don't like it' and that just sort of discouraged me from reading this book any sooner. And I don't know what made me decide that it was about time to read it today, but oh boy! I do NOT regret that decision.This was a really fun and exciting read. So, basically. The title speaks for the whole book. Witch and Wizard.2 kids. Accused of being witch and wizard. Jailed. Parents captured. They do everything they can to fight against The One Who Is The One, who is the antagonist. (Interesting name, right?)Whit: So apparently he's supposed to be really really hot. 'The hunk of all hunks' to be exact. But when he's almost 200 pounds and really muscly, and when he's a klutz, and when he's an 18 year old that's sort of bad with his academics, he doesn't make it on my list. And I had a really hard time imagining him as I was supposed to. I actually imagined him really big and bulky since he's a quarterback and all. But in the manga version he was actually thinner. But no mind his physical appearance.. He's actually a really caring brother and he can always crack these HILARIOUS jokes that makes me think of Simon Lewis from The Mortal Intruments series. But Simon is hotter. LOLOL. Yeah, I love Whit's personality and character!Wisty: Wisteria, well. She reminds me of those badass high-school girls that couldn't give a damn about academics. And that sort of bothers me. She's really feisty too. She sort of reminds me of myself when I'm angry. LOL. omg. But what I like about her is that she's really stubborn and persistent and she acts like nothing can be in her way!Whit and Wisty are really good narrators. They keep you in the story, but the thing was: James Patterson's writing sort of seems like 11 year old writing. I dunno. I think he overused the teenage stereotypes with Wisty, too.I found the whole magic thing really interesting. It's like, exactly how I pictured it whenever I speculated about having magic powers and turning people into weasels. But yeah. Really descriptive, but the writing still seems childish. Maybe Patterson did it on purpose, to bring out Wisty and Whit's character more, but I still don't know.The ending is sort of cliffhanger-y. But it's more like, Part 1 is finished. I feel like the story is cut off. So then I must move on to book 2~! Soon.And yeah, that's all I really have to say!