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Eon  - Alison Goodman I've been wanting to read this book for a long time- ever since my friend recommended it to me, like, LIANA YOU SHOULD READ IT IT'S SO GOOD. And then the first thing I asked: Is there romance? And she said no. Somehow I knew that I wasn't going to like it because there was no romance, but then she said that the rest of the book and the interesting plot made up for it. So then I decided to give it a chance, and when she went to the bookstore, I asked her to get this book for me. Calm down, I paid. Anyways, I was putting it aside for later later later but then my sister checked it out at her school's library, started reading it, and absolutely fell in love with it, which is why I decided to read it this weekend. Yes. I finished in a day. Headache.Honestly it was not bad. It just needed more action. It was kind of slow but then there WERE interesting parts. It's just that it would be so much better if there was romance. Liana says more romance. The good news is, I will be getting Eona after all, because I heard that there was romance and the plot was much more suspenseful and action-y. So, the plot. The main character, a 16 year old girl dressed as a 12 year old boy (Because she's flat-chested?!) is Eona, or, should we say, EON, her boy name. She's only dressing up as a boy because she wants to be claimed by the dragon. And we all know that girls can't be claimed. The sexist past though. Alright, so the book summary already SAYS that she's a girl in disguise as a boy. The story would have been more interesting if the readers didn't know that already before they started reading the book. I like strong female protagonists. I know Eona is strong but then throughout this whole book she was trying to hide it, because of her master. She's crippled.. (Delightful surprise at the end btw) There ARE some unexpected deaths throughout this book, but I didn't really get roused because I wasn't paying attention.. and then my sister was all like, HOW DARE YOU BE SO UNENTHUSIASTIC ABOUT THIS BOOK. THIS BOOK IS FABULOUS LIKE WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUAnd, I have to say, that's how I felt when she was reading Lauren Oliver's Delirium. She was so lackluster about the whole thing I was just facepalming at her reactions.Anyways, since I'm Chinese and obsessed with watching ancient Chinese dramas, I should define a few words for you, that lots of people don't know.Eunuch- A man who acts feminine, penis-less (ouch, painful.), who dedicates themselves to serve royalty.Concubine- A queen. Like, the king or prince marries lots of women. Each and every one of them are concubines.And, the word in the 'O' in the title is dragon. Okay, so the character 四 is 4. And it's a homophone with 死, death. So that's why Chinese people consider 4 the number of death. There is a reference in this book.That's the Chinese stuff you should know-- and, since it's Qing dynasty- the guys DO have half head braided tails, which, I have to say, is UNATTRACTIVE. And in every Chinese drama I watch, I get irritated when the guys have to do that to their hair. Anyways, the whole time, my sister was like,-HURRY UP AND FINISH -WE SHOULD FANGIRL TOGETHER-I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH-HOW DARE YOU NOTAnd, she was doodling on my notes for writing a review. She was that impatient about me finishing. And yes, she thought it was THAT good. I don't know. Maybe she just has a THING for Chinese history books. But then, at the same time, my friend was texting me when I was reading, and I didn't even bother to text proper grammar to her, replying in a few words and tossing my phone to the side. Which meant that it was good enough for me to do that.One thing about this book was that the role of the antagonist was not clearly defined until, about, halfway. And not to mention he's a pervert.It got a lot better near the end. If I didn't read the ending, then I would have given this book a 2 or 3 stars. Yes, that's where the action BEGUN. My sister DID say that EONA was a continuation RIGHT from the ending of EON. Therefore, I am looking forward to it. And yes, ROMANCE. HOLLAAAAA.I suppose that's all I have to say!It's pretty good!