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Of Poseidon

Of Poseidon - Anna Banks This book was fan-flipping-tastic. (See what I did there? Emma loves to say that.)I've been wanting to read this book for who knows how long. But when I actually saw this book- real life, print paper book, I almost screamed in excitement. It was at that Teen Read Week thing at my city's library where I had a crazy book haul of 18-- in which I got this book. So, basically, I'm really glad that I decided to read Anna Banks's Legacy Lost before I picked Of Poseidon up. It's a great explaining source and all. So, the main character, Emma, is half Syrena- she has the fabulous purple eyes, the thick skin, and she can breathe underwater longer than normal humans can. She's clumsy when it comes to running, but what about swimming?Anyways, I would have liked this book a lot better if it wasn't on land that much. I wanted to know more about Syrena history- I wanted the plot to be more underwater. And how much times do I have to mention that I hate those books in which the boy and the girl go to SCHOOL and have classes together? I hate those scenes. They just bore me so much. I'm all about the action- I don't mind if the teacher, desks, chairs, whiteboard, and class curriculum isn't there- I won't miss them.Besides that, though, this book was actually really good!The romance sort of reminds me of The Hunger Games- in THG, Peeta thinks Katniss doesn't really love him, that she's only doing what she's doing for the districts' entertainment. And vice versa. In this book, both girl and boy are doubting whether they love the other. The girl thinks that the guy is just trying to satisfy the watchers, but it's not like that-- it's true love and it's so cute omggggggg.For those people who've read at least one or two of my blog reviews, you all know I love to do tabs(quotes)- this book is full of tabs. Well not that much. But more than usual. (;The beginning and ending of this book just-wow. The beginning is already action-filled. I love a hooking beginning. And then the ending is just a cliffhanger- somehow I foreshadowed that it would be.Oh yes-- since I've read Legacy Lost, I've been looking for the connections between this book and that short story prequel. Grom, the main character in L.L, is actually Galen's older brother. I really like that name. Galen. It's fab. Anyways, there are often references to Nalia and Grom and Grom and Nalia and Grom and Nalia's past, so I highly recommend you read that first before you set your hands on this book.At first, I didn't understand what the title could mean- but after I read the book, I was all like, I GET IT! Wow. Just wow. I thought Triton was a descendant from Poseidon?! Anyways, it's either that you're Of Poseidon or Of Triton. Which explains the title of book 2.And I suppose that's it! It was a fun read.