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Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon - Grace Lin This book was actually pretty good. Being Chinese myself, I enjoyed reviewing my knowledge about Chinese myths, and also learning some new ones too.Minli is the main character of this story, and her dad LOVES to tell stories. A handful of stories in this book are actually from her dad. Her mom is always complaining, "WHY YOU GOTTA TELL THEM STORIES. AIN'T GON' GIT US ANYTHING." But her dad tells stories anyway, and since Minli's mother is always complaining about how they're so poor, Minli goes off to chase a myth, believing her father's stories. But they actually turn out to be real. Yep, that's right. Real. Making this story more than Historical-Fiction. It's a blend of Fantasy and Mythology and history at the same time.Somehow, this sort of reminded me of The Chronicles of Narnia. They both taught morals and protagonists are faced with a decision that's really hard to make. This was a really, really moral-filled story. It was a fun and quick read. My eyes were tired from reading The Kill Order so I sort of cheated on TKO for this book. LOL. It only took 2 hours though, since the text was HUGE, and there were pictures as well (totally good for younger kids).And I really have nothing left to say. That's that.