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Midnight Sun (Twilight #1.5)

Midnight Sun (Twilight #1.5) - Stephenie Meyer Originally, Stephenie Meyer was actually going to have this published! But I heard from her blog that someone put the draft online, making it publicized before she was ready. Not cool! D:I really enjoy short stories with characters that I don't know really well as the narrator. In this case, Edward. Since Twilight had Bella as the main character, I didn't get to know Edward at all! I didn't know what he thought, didn't know how he felt. But after reading this, oh boy! Now everything's crystal clear. (And now I know how he felt about Bella. Oh god.)And I love how he can read people's minds. It just makes every single one of Edward's acquaintances' thoughts available to me. I can hardly consider this as a short story, though. I think S. Meyer meant to rewrite the whole Twilight book in Edward's point of view before she quit writing it. It's 216 pages! Only available as ebook. At least it's free. If she rewrote the whole Twilight, I would have no patience to read it. Yeah. It answered lots of my questions! (: