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Dragonfly - Julia Golding Wow. I just. WOW.My friend Cindy recommended this book to me, and she was like, "Liana, you should read it! It's so good!" And when she says something is good, it's always true. Well, 90% of the time.Anyways, Cindy insisted that it was a lot like Kristin Cashore's FIRE. But I still think it's more like the first book in that series, GRACELING. (And I tell you I love Kristin Cashore.) It's like Graceling and The Princess Bride combined- I love both of those books, and, therefore, I loved Dragonfly!So, at first, judging by her name, I thought Taoshira was Japanese. But then it turns out she was blonde and I was like, nevermind. She's.. Blue Crescent. I guess that's a race. And just to give everyone an image of Prince Ramil, he looks like Rick Riordan's Carter Kane from The Kane Chronicles. And, needless to say, they are SO CUTE together. Like, omg. So cute I can't believe it.One thing I noticed about this book that's quite different from others I read, is that, well. The protagonist changes a LOT, and I actually NOTICE. I know all protagonists in books change from the beginning to the end, but then I just never notice. However, when Ramil's grandfather just tells her that she's changed, I was like, OH YEAH HUH. She DID change. And, I tell you, from a stiff formal girl to a stubborn, more realistic version of Taoshira.And yeah. On the back it says "Ages 12 and up". There's nothing inappropriate about it, so, um. 6th graders, go ahead and read it. The romance is not porny( Thank the lord) and it's not too awkward and slow either. It's just right. Not love at first sight either. It's hate at first sight and then realizing they love each other.. Okay, Cindy. I think the romance is at least somewhat like Fire.A note about Ramil: Usually when the main guy character is introduced to the story, I just immediately start getting excited, well, because, THE ROMANCE BEGINS! Unless, of course, the protagonist is male. But when he was first introduced, he gave me the impression of a spoiled prince who didn't know anything.So, let me prove my point. In the beginning, Taoshira folded him an origami dragonfly. It symbolized her fragility- it was her symbol. And then he just takes it and refolds it into a crumbled paper dart, and makes her cry. And then he takes her horseback riding, riding too fast purposely to bully her. But I'm glad to say he got better. A lot better! (:So, Taoshira is very strong. Not strong physically, of course, but strong in her mental mind, always showing her doggedness. They're always captured and abducted and at the edge of death but they never stop being strong.Anyways, it's a really cute story of adventure. Really adventurous. Yeah, the more I think about it, it really is like The Princess Bride. And, that's it! This is definitely a recommendation.