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Adaptation - Malinda Lo I've been meaning to read this book for quite a while, and I think I only picked this up now because I'm about to meet the author soon.. LOL. Other than that, I mean, the cover and title are just amazing! The synopsis had me rolling my eyes at the words 'longtime crush,' though because I didn't want to read about some weak girl's crush. And no, it was not a disappointment at all and her 'crush' gosh i just hate that word wasn't really a big part of this book. Although David was. So, the title. I didn't really understand the title at all until, like, 3/4 into the book. But that was fine because the moment of realization was just shocking. Speaking of moments of realization, there were quite a lot. There were plot twists and turns and things just got to a level where a reader would have never expected.Malinda Lo writes with a surprising grace that keeps the reader reading the whole entire time, and she created a main character that's pretty realistic. Actually, Reese, the protagonist, reminds me a lot of myself. For a lot of reasons. Insecure, self-questioning, impatient, and absolutely REFUSING to 'like' someone. Reese reacted to things the way I would have reacted to things in her position, and that sort of helped with the foreshadowing a bit. At first I thought she was one of those innocent, idk-what-I'm-doing characters, the stereotypical feminine ones that you always imagine with their eyebrows raised in helplessness. But then I realized her attitude had an edge and she was somewhat annoying.. like me!This was an enjoyable, fast-paced read with a great protagonist.