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I Am Number Four (Lorien Legacies Series #1)

I Am Number Four - Pittacus Lore So, my friend was fangirling really hard about this book. (Yeah, you, Ivy. LOL) And of course, I decided that I needed to give this a try.Before I read it, I knew it was some sort of action-y, fantasy-ish, *vague arm motion* sorta thing. Mainly because of Ivy because she always reads these kinds of books It's actually like this fantasy-ish, multiverse-ish, thing. Pretty cool when you think about it. The whole setting is sort of like the setting in Elizabeth Norris's UNRAVELING. Basically, it's called Lorien Legacies because They come from planet Lorien and 'Legacies' are basically magical powers that develop over time- it only happens to Loric people. I put that under the spoiler tag because I had to find out for myself and I guess it's only fair if you do tooI don't know if it's my foreshadowing skills getting tougher, or what, but I was laughing when this one character died--- even though it was supposedly sad, but I was just laughing because I KNEW IT. I knew he was a goner when he first got introduced to the book! Inside, I'm happy that my foreshadowing abilities have developed this far. Maybe I'm an alien...Anyways, character discussions!John- He's a fairly likable protagonist. Realistic at times and unrealistic at other times, not counting the magical legacy parts. Or maybe I just don't know what I'm talking about. Yeah, likable main character.Henri- He's like an overprotective father. I guess. He can be a little pushy sometimes and he's not stern at all. If the book didn't say that he was John's elder, everyone would have thought that they were siblings. Sam- I like how John made a friend that was willing to risk a lot. Sam is pretty cool. The story would have done fine BUT without Sam, I think John would have been different.Sarah- I don't really like Sarah. I mean, she makes the romance happen but is she really a necessary character? She's like a damsel in distress. It's kind of annoying when you think about it. She's a really nice girl, but helpless and just, ugh.-----------Overall, this book was pretty good (finished in one sitting and I didn't even need a bookmark), and I can't wait to pick up the next book.