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The Dragon and the Pearl

The Dragon and the Pearl - Jeannie Lin I kind of have mixed emotions about this book. I have no idea how to start this review. How about, I skipped all the erotic parts and tried to enjoy the actual story! (It's quite erotic that I can probably consider it a twin to Fifty Shades. Just, this book has a better protagonist..)When I read the first book, I overreacted a bit and the erotica just completely freaked me out. But then I thought, despite the disturbing porn, the actual plot wasn't half bad. So yeah. I decided to continue the series, and since I skipped all the erotic parts, I guess I was able to enjoy the story..Anyways, this was about Lin Suyin. She was in Butterfly Swords, but only barely. I'm glad that this story branched out on her life and how she fell in love with Li Tao, who I originally thought had no heart. Well. Suyin is actually a pretty great character. Despite her pushy-ness. She can get annoying sometimes but she's still one of those weak damsels-in-distress. I just can't deal with characters like her. But what I like about her is that she's persistent and she can build up this confidence that intimidates people. She may be a seductress, but hey. At least she's confident? I dunno.The only thing that drew me to this series in the first place is how it's set in the Tang Dynasty. It's not every day that you see a Chinese historical-fic. I love historical fiction.The thing about this book other than the erotica, is that it didn't really go anywhere at first. All they really wanted to do was have sex. The end is where 'shit gets real'.But still, it's a pretty good plot.