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The Three Musketeers: An Abridgement by Lord Sudley

The Three Musketeers (Puffin Classics) - Alexandre Dumas Ermagerd, yeah. This was such a good book. To be honest, the only reason I picked it up was because of my requirement to read classics in my high school years. And I thought I was going to be yawning in boredom, but might as well give it a try anyways. I think that teens, such as myself, aren't really interested in reading Classics but instead like to read YA fantasy, paranormal, sci-fi, etc. (If they like to read at all.) Because. Well. Classics aren't exactly the easiest thing in the world to understand, are they? There's a lot of interpretation involved, and don't forget the VOCABULARY. I always find the most vocab in the classical novels to research. And when I finally read this I realized that classics aren't half-bad as I thought they were, lol. As I said, I actually liked this book a lot.The author does a pretty good job with description. I could picture all the people he described. Although it sort of annoyed me that all classics have more narrating than dialogue. And I love dialogue. In my own writing I get excited whenever I get to the dialogue parts. Also, the author, like most classical writers, are really good irony writers and so much things are freaking ironic you almost fall out of your chair every single time. So of course there's a barbie movie version of it. (Yeah I watched it, duh) And there are several similarities except the barbie one was altered a little for the sake of little girls. There isn't any killing (there's a lot of killing, and lots of action to go along with it) or really awkward love-scenes (quite a few of those, I'm just glad classical authors don't describe them in depth. Don't want this to be a 50 Shades of Grey here) in the barbie movie. In the movie, there isn't any romance at all. And the main character is a girl. But the similarities, even small, are still there because the main characters both have the same ambitions and they're both pretty insistent on doing what they want to do. (The qualities of a musketeer!)So, the main character in this novel, d'Artagnan, an ambitious young man in his twenties, is actually pretty likable but his actions are ridiculous and forward and he has to pay dearly for it afterwards. And he's cocky too. LOL. He's often referred to in this book as 'our hero'. He is, pretty much, I guess.Okay so a note on the romance. It is so freaking sad because, well, first of all, it was love at first sight, which isn't sad, but annoying still, and the lady was already married and then they fall for each other? Then what's the point of marrying her old fart of a husband besides for money. And at the end. I literally screamed out loud because of the flipping tragicness of it. This is actually a really good example of the good guys prevailing (not to mention giving a few sacrifices) and the bad guys getting their deserved punishment.There are a lot of deaths and I'm sad to say that not all of them were bad guys.Out of the musketeers I like Aramis the best because I just do. LOL.Honestly, I don't think the ending was a sad/happy one at all but was just a 'as a matter of fact the end'. We went through an adventure with our heroes, the end. Yeah, as I have mentioned before, this is a really good book. Give it a try!