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The Kiss (Witch and Wizard Series #4)

Witch & Wizard: The Kiss - James Patterson,  Howard Roughan I'm kinda hovering between four stars and five stars here.I dunno. I feel like James Patterson's writing is quite juvenile-- not saying that I can write better, just saying that even I can write like him and that's just saying that his writing isn't that great. Well, when I first found out that this wasn't going to be a trilogy, I was like, wth? I wasn't about to read a book called The Kiss in public. Really? The Kiss? I know James Patterson has this consistency with making his titles of this series two words, The Gift, The Fire, but The Kiss? Really? I can't even. No, I did not read this in public. In fact, I read it in bed. Ehl oh ehl.Honestly, this book isn't needed at all. I feel like JP just added this book because he wanted to. The end of The Fire was AN ENDING, and he just HAD to continue it. Nonetheless, you see that I've enjoyed it..There were twists and turns and the main characters were annoying as usual but different, now. However, I don't really think they've been through much character development. Alright, that's all I have to say. I won't really pick up another JP book anytime soon..