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Shadow and Bone

Shadow and Bone - I'm gonna start this review like how I start most of my other reviews: I got this book as a recommendation. It's not that I dislike recommendations, it's just that I like reading books that none of my friends or acquaintances have ever read, but it's rarely that I get that luxury. The good thing is, most of the recommendations I get are great! Including this one.I don't know why I didn't pick this book up earlier because it was FREAKING AWESOME. I loved it lots!So, you know that moment when you finish the book and look at the cover and title again, you just have that moment of realization that's so beautiful, like OMG IT FINALLY MAKES SENSE! Well, this book. That didn't exactly happen to me. I vaguely get it now, but I don't wholly understand it completely as I should have. Dunno why. Anyways, the main character. Alina. She's likable, and I'm thankful for that because I've come across many protagonists that aren't exactly lovable, and they're all a pain in the ass, until likable protagonists actually bother to come along to relieve our paaaaaain~There are quite a lot of twists in this book and I have no idea how many times my eyes widened in shock in the duration of reading this book. I don't know if my foreshadowing skills are developing or if Leigh Bardugo is just that good at writing (probably), but I was able to foreshadow lots of things with little clues here and there.I think the closest thing it can be is fantasy. It's not quite anything else. It's dark and 'gothic,' sorta, you know what I mean? I LOVE THATThis was actually a lot better than I had anticipated and it is absolutely WONDERFUL. The romance, aka what I'm always thirsty for in every single book I read, was a bit slow at first, but that's only because the author was building up the tension for the twist, which I found charming. But yes, once the romance got started, I was just a happy girl.