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Prodigy (Legend Series #2)

Prodigy - Marie Lu Okay I am so done.The moment that I set my eyes on this book I knew I wasn't going to be disappointed. I mean, come on! Marie Lu! I loved her first book, so why shouldn't I love her second one? DANGIT, I JUST LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH. -sobs-So basically, I've been anticipating this book for more than 5 months, I think. I can't believe I finished it already. So much waiting, so much torture and pain in waiting, and boom, just like that, 2 days, done. Wow. DID I MENTION I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH. When it arrived in the mail I recorded a video of me tearing open the package. I filmed it for a friend but apparently other people found my video too and said my screams deafened their ears, LOL. I just couldn't stop laughing. I told them it was a releasing of my inner fangirl instincts especially considering how long I've been anticipating its release and arrival to my house.So, in the first book, Day was super hot. I loved him. He was hilarious, mischievous, and cocky all at the same time and that just adds up to be super-hot-boy. Ughhhh. And then his hurrrrrr and his speed and agility and strength and tolerance ugh it just gets to you yaknow. I missed him a lot during my wait for this book to come out, so reading this book and the chapters in which he got to narrate was like quenching a crazy thirst after working so long and hard or peeing when you really need to pee. But I wasn't relieved, like when you relieve yourself of urine. I was filled with adrenaline and excitement because, hey! It's DAY! He used to be my fictional boyfriend but that was before I read the Cassandra Clare books, LOL. Day's narrating text is blue in this one. It's super hot. Text color is hot, what? omg I just think it's hot ok. I love how Day's narration is blue and June's narration is black because, like some other reviewers said, Day is just the boy version of June and June is basically the girl version of Day. If they weren't differentiated between color I probably would have gotten really irritated because I'm not very good at reading books with two narrators. Although it's really fun to write one..Reading the first page of this book already sent a jolt through me because I realize how vain I was when I first read Legend and became obsessed with it. To be honest, I used a lot of ideas and concepts from this series to form my own world of dystopia. Out of all the books I've read in the past, I happened to remember Legend the best because of all the ideas I borrowed for the book I'm currently writing today. I realize that I'll have to add more touches of Liana than I already put in to make it something truly unique and amazing.So the romance. I think many people knew how much I dreaded a love triangle. June and Day, Day and June, PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER. At first, I was like, AIN'T NOBODY GOIN' TO STEP IN AND RUIN THEIR HAPPINESS OK. But then, I started to have second thoughts. Maybe they aren't so perfect after all, but I really can't bear it if either of them ended up with other people. So my dreading of a love triangle was really in vain because it ended up as a love-pentagon. For all Legend readers and lovers, y'all know we all hate Thomas. Why can't we exclude him from this pentagon. Gosh. Love square?June changed a lot. From the tough and rich and akjfa;jsklj prodigious smart girl she was into a desperate-for-Day's-attention-weakling-girl. I don't like the change because she's thinking about Day all the freaking time.Actually, I don't even like Day or June that much. They're not really great characters. But Day is still hot and June is still smart. But really? They're not the type of characters that I usually like. The only characters I've ever liked are either unimportant or dead. I wanted to finish this book so much that I stayed up at night and sacrificed my much-needed few hours of sleep to read. Meanwhile setting alarms on my phone to wake up later in the night so I don't get knocked out on the book completely. I earned myself eyebags. I read from a cellphone light for more than 4 hours under my bed covers, with the lack of air, meaning I sought air every miniute. My point is, I was really uncomfortable and I knew that I could be sleeping instead of reading, but I did know that I wanted to finish it up and write an amazing review for it because my blog misses me. But mainly because Marie Lu is just flipping amazing.I was just so sick of the Dystopian genre that I wanted to take a break for a while, but when I read this I knew I couldn't put it down. It was a truly amazing, touching, sad (oh, yeeeeeah. I cried like 234839048320984 friggin times), and gorgeous read. I highly recommend this series to both girls and boys.