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A Monster Calls

A Monster Calls - Patrick Ness, Jim Kay Honestly I expected no less from Patrick Ness, author of Chaos Walking trilogy. I mean, this guy is so amazing. His writing is terrifying+amazing. Those two adjectives just sum everything up. Okay, so this book is really short, sadly. 200 pages only. It all passed by so quick.It's about this introverted and invisible boy named Conor that has a really bad life. His mom is dying and sick and his father left him and his grandmother is annoying as crap and his friends left him and all the teachers pity him and the bullies bully him-- But I don't like him.I pity him. He's just really hard-headed and refuses to acknowledge that people care about him. I mean, he could be happy if he wanted to be. I understand why he's really sad and depressed but he doesn't have to ruin his whole life and let people do what they want to him. He's really mean. And he seems like he's not scared of dying at all, which is just kinda creepy.But anyways, the point. The title means so much. There's this monster that Conor called, and the monster is there to get the truth out of him. Of course, you don't find out about the truth until the very end, and I'm not going to mention it here because my reviews are all spoiler free.The monster tells Conor 3 stories, and it expects Conor to tell the fourth. It's all terrifyingly amazing and scary and omg. SAD. Mostly sad. Throughout this whole book I felt nothing but terror and sadness (maybe a little spark of warmth because of that little middle school romance) because technically I have this feeling that they live in the middle of nowhere. Gaaaah. Did I mention that Patrick Ness is amazing?