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The Knife of Never Letting Go: bk. 1 (Chaos Walking)

The Knife of Never Letting Go - Patrick Ness Oh. My. God. What. The. Hell. Did. I. Just. Read.This.Book.Was.Effing.Fabulous.MY FEELINGS MY EMOTIONS OMG DYINGI first heard of this book when my friend just read this like, YESTERDAY and posted a review with her screaming and screeching all over it. Her overexcitement already got me interested- and then I read the summary and I was all like, ohmygoodness. I need to read this. First of all, because I was in desperate and dire need of a good Dystopian book. I seriously needed one. I've been reading Fantasies and Modern Day Romance books for a long time. And my friend- my goodness. She was crying and screaming and all that. I needed a book that could dig my emotions out. Most books I read with a blank expression. But this one. One second my face is neutral- the next, it's twisted into an expression of disgust. And then I'm crying and then I'm laughing and then I'm screaming and cussing the main character out just because he deserves it.It was THAT good. Anyways. Let me explain the plot a bit.So, the main character, Todd, lives in Prentisstown. That's a stupid town I tell you. And there are no women there. Not one. Because they all died. Everyone has the Noise germ- which means that their thoughts are considered 'Noise' and it's not private at all. And everyone can hear each other's thoughts. It's kind of scary because you can tell where a person is by listening to their Noise...Todd narrates in first person. He narrates like he talks so there's a lot of ain'ts and there's a lot of yers and um. He doesn't spell right either. LOL. And he can't read. So then any word that ends with the suffix -tion will appear as -shun in this book. Which is fine. Todd is freaking awesome. (I suppose.)He just talks with this VOICE that makes you feel he's right next to you giving you a tour of his life. Incredible writing. Yeah, Patrick Ness? You hear that!? Your writing is incredible! This book reminds me a lot of The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Because of the way the main character talks. And it reminds me of Of Mice and Men because of the inexplicable responsibility the main character feels.The beginning of this book though. It's just WOW. It amuses the reader in a way that makes the reader keep on going. It made ME keep on going. Well, I have to admit the beginning was a bit slow but the rest of the story quickly made up for it.Todd seems like such a badass but sometimes a wuss and sometimes a selfish brat and sometimes just a responsible MAN. Even if he's 12 years old. But in Prentisstown, you turn into a man at age 13. He constantly tells Manchee, his dog, to shut up. Which I think is quite rude. And another thing he constantly says is 'eff' and 'effing'. ALOT. The end though. The amount of character development is REMARKABLE. He has a lot of anger issues at first. However, he hardly drops the f-bomb after he meets Viola.Okay. Viola. This girl. She's amazing. She's the first girl of this story. She's brave and insistent and smart and omg. AMAZING. I love her! She changed Todd in a way that no one else, I bet, could manage. I'm definitely looking forward to romance between them in books 2 and 3. If there is. Please God let there be.The antagonist is just plain evil. Watch out for him.The title of this book, I have to say, is really creative. I like it. It explains everything.. (Except for why the main character LET GO AHEM AHEM) starting chapter 7.The author's imagination is wild. omg, I LOVE IT.The suspense is killing me.That cliffhanger ending just screams at me. "HEY LIANA GET THE NEXT BOOK OR DIE"Even if there's no romance in this book, I don't mind. The suspense and the plot made up for it. (I can't blame them. They're just tweens. But then they care for each other it's so CUTE and he gets all aggressive when she's weak like DON'T YOU DARE DIE DON'T YOU FUCKING DARE--It's time for spoilers.I would like to discuss Manchee. I seriously LOVE Manchee ok. He's like Dobby from Harry Potter.I LOVE LOVE LOVE MANCHEE. Best dog ever. And then fucking Todd just dropped him like that. "I'm sorry Manchee. I'm sorry I have to let you go and not even try to save you." That's the point in which I started cussing Todd out. I was just sitting there, gazing at the "I'm sorry, Manchee." quote and I just randomly started cussing. I was SO mad at Todd oh my goodness. This is the first time I cried for a DOG character's death. Ridiculous right. It mattered so much to me.And, I suppose, that's it! I really really really really loved this book. Definitely a recommendation!