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The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green When I first heard of this book, I was like, hmm. Another Modern-Day story? Because, you know me. I'm ALLLL about the fantasy, the dystopian, the paranormal and all that, oh, because I simply REFUSE to live in the real world. Anyways. When my friends were fangirling really hard about this book, I really wanted to read it. And I've gotten this book as a recommendation several times. So then when my friend said she was going to the bookstore, I told her to get this book for me. (Along with 7 other books.. Which I paid for, so no worries.) And then I started to read it. This morning. And finished 3 hours later. I have to tell you that it was GREAT. Fantabulous. Absolutely realistic and awesome and all that. The rating. Look at that rating. Look at how much people read it. The writing is really good. It captivated me, as it would to hundreds and thousands of other readers. I love it when a book has a good writer. Which leads me to the point of why I really like paranormal/dystopian/fantasy books, because there are only a handful of really good writers out there, and I might as well read my favorite genres all the time and not have to face the tedium of a boring writer AND a boring plot. Which explains at all why I read John Green, David Levithan, and Nicholas Sparks. Because even if their genre isn't exactly my all-time favorite, their writing makes up for it, making the plot INTERESTING.So, I knew this book was going to be sad. So it didn't get any tears out of me. But then the thing was- a reader expects THIS to make them cry, THIS specific character to just die and leave us all alone, but the book just takes you on a whole other road, saying, nope, you guessed wrong. This character is dying instead.It's a great illustration of how it feels to lose someone you care about to cancer. But I would love to read a book once in a while that's not so tragedic. Miracles can happen.So, I have a comment about Augustus's (main male character) 'metaphor.' He puts cigarettes in his mouth but he doesn't light them. He says, "Death is right between my teeth but it's not killing me." I think that's pretty smart right there.Alright. This book was humorous, tragedic, and fabulous. It deserves all the 5 star ratings it received!