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The Selection

The Selection - omg. WOW. WOW. This was the best book I've read since Cassie Clare's City of Lost Souls. And yes, that's a big thing to say, because ever since I read Book 5 of TMI series, I was very lackluster about all the books I've read between then and now. And then this book came along. Just wow. Ohmygoodness. WOW. Also, I was totally reluctant to finish it because of its ridiculous AWESOMENESS.I can't stop saying wow- it's just so fabulous, you know? I can't put enough emphasis on how much I loved loved loved this book. Honestly, I'm guilty to say, the cover was the main thing that attracted me at all. Another case of judging a book by its cover- I know. LOL. But it was so worth it. I loved it so much omg just.It's a combination of Ally Condie's Matched and Suzanne Collins's The Hunger Games. Also a tiny bit like Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. And I loved all of those books. There are 35 girls (more like tributes, LOL.) that were picked- one of them was to be Prince Maxon's new bride. And, among them, America Singer was one of them. I really like her name, especially since the country is not called America anymore, because it's dystopian. It's called Ilea instead. They have their own history and everything, and I think it's really interesting! Majorly interesting. Oh my goodness. This is like my favorite dystopian now. (Oh wait. Nevermind. AFTER Lauren Oliver's Delirium.(;)I didn't think it would be like this, this tragic, tragic love triangle. Especially because I have no idea who to be inclined to. You know? However, I do like Maxon better. But then Aspen! At first when Aspen revisited America, I was just like, NO. GO AWEY. And then Maxon was being mean for a while and so I forgave Aspen. omg. Now. It's just. The most complicated love triangle ever. And, guess what.I love it. Everyone go read it.