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Bridge Across the Land

Bridge Across the Land - Yvonne Wang First of all, thanks to the author for sending me a PDF review copy! This was the best manuscript I've read in a long time. (Honored to be the first reviewer here, so I guess my review matters to quite a lot of people who decide to read this in the future)Ok, so. Where should I start? This book is quite a bit fast paced, but that's good- since there's a lot of action and I can't hurry enough to read it all up. The main character, Angela, was stronger than I anticipated. She is quite bellicose when someone gets her mad. LOL. Anyways. At first, I thought that she was one of those butt weak protagonists that just make you facepalm, but, after what she did (and HOW she did it) to save the person she cares so much about, I realized that she's so strong inside.Originally, I thought that this story was 100% Asian romance, judging by the cover, but. It turned out to be mostly focused on the Polish. Sort of. A lot of Mongols as well. Some Chinese speaking.The plot- ohmygoodness- the fabulous plot. Gah. It's so gooood. Also, there was quite a tragic twist at the ending. Even if I thought the epilogue ending was absolutely cute. And the story ending made me smile because it's such an ending.Honestly, if I didn't scroll all the way down, I wouldn't have noticed that there even WAS an epilogue. I would have taken it as a tragic ending instead of a cute one it was supposed to be. So, people, when you read this, don't forget the epilogue! Unless you like tragedies.K, so. The author really likes to 'write a movie'! It's like I'm seeing the whole thing. She even calls the chapters 'acts.'( Act 1, Act 2. Act 3.) I think it's really cool. And she does LOTS of flashbacks that make me think of movies.This is a lot of HISTORY. So, from the beginning to the almost-end, it's waaaaaaaaay back then. And then in the epilogue, it speeeeeeeeeds up. Literally speeds up. You'll see what I mean. Anyways, it speeeds, past World War 1, past Hitler, past all the historical events we all know about, all the way to modern day. And then. omg. One word: Reincarnation.It's so beautiful. (;Every page is either suspense-packed or ridiculously interesting. Everyone, when this is in stores, y'all have to read it!Click here to see my full review for this book!I will be doing an author interview! So, stay tuned~