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Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men - As this book was a school reading assignment, I honestly did not expect much out of it. But then, I ended up liking it! It's actually better than I prepared for. It's such a tragedy and it made me cry! Not the... death.. part, but the part where they're bringing up memories or speculating something they really wanted to do. Like in Harry Potter, when Sirius died, I didn't cry on the part of his death, I cried on the part where Harry remembered what he did. My dad thinks I cry too much for no reason. LOL. BUT IT'S SO SAD.However, a turn-off of this book is all the cuss words. Srsly? You don't have to use "Goddamn son-of-a-bitch" in every sentence. And Curley's wife, ermagerd. What a TART. glad she died. What I really like about this book is that it was a short read. Only 107 pages! I would have been more shocked if my acquaintances did not tell me what happened at the end. Which is why I don't like reading the same books babble mouths read. Because they're gonna spoil EVERYTHANG. But, since John Steinbeck is such a good writer-- I still got shocked. (: Which is good. Because I'm supposed to get shocked. I did not plan to read ahead, but, near the end of this book, I was like, "SCREW THIS. I'M READING THE REST. THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME." And, I hate reading with the class. There's always that kid with the too quiet voice and that kid with temporary dyslexia. And the teacher stops us too much to analyse stuff. But I have to say that the analyzing actually let me understand the story and its characters a bit more.Did I mention that it was so sad.It was so sad. Um. Short book, so, short review! This is it!