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The Notebook - Nicholas Sparks So yeah, I do know this is his debut novel (Yep, just searched it up. LOLOLOL.) As lot of my friends didn't really like this book; said it was boring. But.. you know. When I first opened this book I was not aware that this was his debut novel. And you know authors and debut novels. Usually debut novels aren't that good. But when I read THE NOTEBOOK, I was completely satisfied. I liked it a lot, despite all the negative comments I got regarding this book. This reminded me a lot of Sebastian Cole's SAND DOLLAR-- but then, S. Cole himself said that his inspiration was Nicholas Sparks, so I should just say that Sand Dollar reminded me of this book. However, it just so happened that I read Sand Dollar first. But no matter. This was a classic Nicholas Sparks tragedy, of course. I loved it SO much. Ermagerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd. ERMAGERD. I seriously cried. This was a nice and short read that I finished in around an hour. Yes. I loved it. Is there anything else really to say? This is my 6th Nicholas Sparks book. I'm gonna keep reading his works just because he's freakin' fabulous.