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Persephone's Orchard

Persephone's Orchard - Molly Ringle I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.First off, let's just start with the cover and the title. I have to admit that the cover is gorgeous, and that's what led me to want to read this in the first place. The title, of course, with Persephone in it, just radiated Greek mythology. And, in the end, I realized that the title was very connected to the story, which just makes it all the better.Well, the story began very abruptly, and instead of being pleased that I didn't have to wait forever for the book to become interesting, I just felt a little rushed and confused. Why so abrupt, you know? I'd almost gave up reading this by the time I got to page 50, but I decided to give it another chance before I'd abandoned it completely. It turned out to not be as bad and boring as I'd originally thought it'd be, but I didn't enjoy it as much as I'd wanted to.I'd thought that this story was going to be one of those cliche, contemporary-fantasy tie-ins, with those annoying main characters that are constantly in denial, but it turned out to be different, and Sophie turned out to not be the annoying main character that I'd anticipated. (But she was still annoying. At times.)The one thing of this whole book that kept me reading and not giving up was Sophie's dreams. Sophie's dreams were just, basically memories of all her past lives-- I can't really say anything without spoiling. But it was just so interesting to read about.Of all books, Persephone's Orchard mainly reminded me of Anew by Chelsea Fine. Subtle differences, but almost the same concept.Some parts really got me on the edge of my seat, I'll admit, but overall I think it was just.. okay. Not that good, and not bad, either. I remain neutral. Give it a try, though, if it sounds interesting to you. You might like it.

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea - I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review...And I'd finally made my way to this book. Finally. I don't know why I didn't read it sooner, because, overall, it was actually a pretty good book. From the author's writing style to the crazy plot twists, this was one hell of a story, especially for a debut.I enjoyed this whole concept with the Devil and everything. It was interesting to read about.The title and cover were both very interesting, and that tagline. Man, that tagline just makes you wanna read this. You stop fearing the Devil when you're holding his hand.As for the main characters.Violet, our main character, is actually an admirable protagonist. Except sometimes she just gets on your nerves. I like her strength and stubbornness, though, since it proves that she's not weak.River is our mysterious hot guy (I suppose. At least Violet thinks so. All I know is that he has nice feet and nice skin.) I just knew there was something weird about him the second he entered the story. I guess that's thanks to my foreshadowing skills as a reader, but really, it doesn't take much skills at all to find out that there's something weird about him.. but I'll leave that something for you to find out, dear readers who have not yet picked up this book.Neely, despite his weird name, is actually very hot. I like Neely. I like Neely's hair. It's blond. He's just a very good character. You'll see.The only flaw of this book, I have to say, would be the slow-ish plot in the beginning that caused me to blank out at times. But that's about it. Definitely give this a try if you're ready to plunge into some creepy stuff.

Why I Love My Gay Boyfriend

Why I Love My Gay Boyfriend - Sabrina Zollo I received an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I don't think I enjoyed this novel as much as I wanted to, and as much as I hate writing negative reviews, I guess I do have to write one after all.Things I liked:-The title and the cover. How creative, right? It's just very appealing. It's actually what lead me to read this book.And that list just sort of ends there. Things I didn't like:-The main character. Veronica was very, very naive and annoying. She was just.. no.-The whole story and its plot organization. Throughout this whole story, I was just waiting for it to become interesting. Like, okay, where is this going? I'll admit that I scanned the last few chapters, but I'm not sure if they were worth reading or not. Guess I'll never find out..Nonetheless, you might enjoy and it and you might not.

The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Prince

Clockwork Prince (Graphic Novel) - HyeKyung Baek, Cassandra Clare SEPTEMBER? OH, WHAT A GREAT BIRTHDAY PRESENT. OMG.

Infernal Devices: Clockwork Angel, Volume 1 (Graphic Novel)

Clockwork Angel (Graphic Novel) - HyeKyung Baek, Cassandra Clare Okay, usually, I don't read mangas. I don't. But I really had to read this. My favorite series, being turned into a manga? TOTES GONNA READ IT, OF COURSE.I absolutely loved reading this. Almost all the characters were the perfect portrayal of my mental images (except for Magnus, though we can't deny he looks fabulous with his luscious locks). When I was reading this, I was just like, OH YES YES YES I REMEMBER THIS PART. I cannot wait for the Clockwork Prince manga to come out. omg. This was just amazing and brought the novel to a whole new level.

Shadow (Paper Gods, #0.5)

Shadow - Amanda Sun Well, I looked for this ebook for about half an hour, and yeah, it was totes worth it.I'd just finished Ink last night. It was really, really good. When I'd found out that there was a prequel, and it was free, I knew I really wanted to read it.It's basically about Katie and Tomo's lives before they collided. What I found interesting was Tomo's life, or should I say, point of view. I always find the guy's point of view to be interesting. Even if this is a short prequel, I'd recommend you read Ink first because these concepts can be pretty confusing.Overall, I enjoyed it! Cannot wait for the next installment in the series.

Rain (Paper Gods, #2)

Rain (Paper Gods, #2) - Amanda Sun I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS BOOK OMFG.


Ink - Amanda Sun This book has been given to me in exchange for an honest review.This book. Was so good. I just really have to give it a flat out, full rating.Before I cracked it open, I knew that it was a Japanese, modern fantasy. (Usually, I don't read modern fantasy. This genre usually involves annoying main characters that are constantly in denial. However, I decided to pick it up..) Despite how modern fantasy isn't my favorite genre, I still picked it up anyway because, well, the synopsis sounded interesting. Come on, who could resist that synopsis?The cover is absolutely gorgeous. G O R G E O U S. I love it. Undoubtedly it will attract many readers. Ink basically evolves around Katie and her life in school. She moved to Japan, her mom is dead, and she's living with her aunt who is trying to be a mom for her. Katie meets Tomohiro Yuu, and thinks he's the most conceited person on the planet. At first, anyway. And then she meets Takahashi Jun. And things escalate from there.I really liked how the gods were linked into this whole thing. I mean, in the first/second chapter I knew things were going to take a whole dip in fantasy, and by page 50 I knew that Tomohiro was totes not human. Nuh uh.Another thing I liked was all the Japanese culture linked in here. I used to be really fascinated with anime, and this sure seemed like it could be one if only someone started drawing it. I learned a few Japanese words and many cultural aspects!..And we circle back to the topic of our main characters.Katie- She wasn't as annoying as I thought she was going to be, to be honest. I actually liked her a lot at some parts. I absolutely love her insolence and the part where she climbed the tree. I like how she doesn't back down, and like Tomohiro said, she doesn't just let him push her away-- she pushes back. She's strong. But I have to say she was annoying at some parts.Tomohiro- He's that guy that has a tough appearance and appears to be perfectly normal but has the most vivid backstory. Copper hair, hot face. Artist. (Only those who have read the book understand the emphasis.. But there's some emphasis for ya!) Cook. Fab kisser. Isn't that hot? I have to say he was the hottest fictional character I've read about in a while.Takahashi- There's nothing I can really say about Jun, because, well, he was part of the.. plot twist. Just gonna say that. Also, he's hot too.. I thought he was going to be part of the love triangle, and I was about to dissolve into tears because love triangles were so sad! But Katie was clearly falling for Tomo and like.. JUN ENDED UP BEING A DAMN SNAKE KAMI LIKE WTHI stayed up late to finish the last few pages of this book. And I'm telling you right now, this is worth the read. Amanda Sun's writing is just absolutely awesome, and this is one hell of a good debut novel. Give it a try! I can't wait for the next installment to the Paper Gods series.

Anew: The Archers of Avalon, Book One: 1

Anew - Chelsea Fine Well, thank you Emily for giving this book to me for my birthday last year. It's been months and I finally picked it up. Honestly, I don't know why I didn't pick it up earlier. This. Was. A really good book, actually.Let me just take a moment to appreciate the cover. The cover is gorg. Okay, cover appreciation time over.So, the plot circles around Scarlet Jacobs, who woke up in the middle of the forest, not knowing anything at all except for her name and her age. Two years pass, and she meets the hot Gabriel Archer, who seems all too familiar, but she still doesn't remember. And then she meets his twin brother, Tristan, who is also ridiculously familiar. And things start to elevate from there.At first, I have to say that I thought this book was some cliche-plotted, annoying-main-character-who-gets-caught-in-supernatural-concepts story. I was kind of right. But I was kind of wrong, too, because the plot ended up being really enjoyable.This story just went by in a blur. In a good way. I just kept turning, turning, and turning the pages.I officially hate the ending of this book. Why must authors torture us with cliffhangers? I need the next one.. Soon.I've gotten some really annoying characters in the past few books I'd read. Compared to them, Scarlet wasn't really that bad at all. But she's one of those.. annoying, rebellious, tell-me-everything-because-i-deserve-to-know-everything types. So be forewarned.Now. Gabriel and Tristan Archer. They are H O T. I think Chelsea Fine really captured the definition of fictional hot guy. (Just not as well as some other authors.)I just can't get over how the book ended like that! I just-- ugh.Anyways, you might like it, you might not! No one knows unless you try it!

Obsidian (Lux Novel)

Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout For one reason only (well, maybe not only..) did I pick up this book: I heard that the male lead character was H O T. Well, guys. Meet Daemon. (Who is, quite alike the role that Ian Somerhalder plays in TVD. Cocky, sexy.. you name it!) I'll talk more about Daemon later, but..Alright. The cover. The only thing pleasant about that cover is Daemon's face. Or at least, the cover model's face. Well, I'll tell you why I think that. My grandmother walked into the room as I was reading this and asked why there were two people hugging on the cover and she started lecturing me about reading 'these types of books.' And plus, it's not cute. My mom would have freaked if she saw me reading something with a cover like this. And also, let me just take note of the covers for Onyx and Opal:S E X U A L. They do hint at erotica. Which isn't cute. In my opinion, the covers should have more relation with the Luxen and Arum concepts, instead of Katy portrayed as, being all over Daemon. Which she sort of is. But that's beyond the point..Now, Katy. She was one of those cliche.. annoying.. stubborn, i-can't-believe-this-is-forreal and no-i-won't-believe-in-supernormal-things type of character. She was insufferable, mostly, throughout the book, but since she was a book blogger, and she shared my passion for books, I kind of softened toward her, just a little bit. But still. She was just so.. stupid in some parts.. But she proved herself to be a good character.Well, this book actually just STARTED getting interesting when the Luxen and Arum concept got introduced, and that was just a little sad because it was way in the middle of the book. Nonetheless, it seemed like this whole alien mojo thing was sort of difficult to explain! But Jennifer totes nailed it!There was a part at the end of the book with some chapters in Daemon's point of view. It's in the paperback copy, not sure if it's in hardcover. Anyways, I just found the whole thing a bit awkward. I mean, I like discovering things about a character who's mysterious, but I kind of regret reading the Daemon part. Because it made him seem.. different. Not sure if I like that or not. I have to agree, though. He was pretty hot..Overall, this was a pretty good book that I just drowned in. As some people would say, it was 'un-put-down-able!' With the engaging plot, Jennifer Armentrout will pull you in.

Between Shades of Gray

Between Shades of Gray - Ruta Sepetys Between Shades of Gray was a really well-written novel. It was realistic, moving, and just.. beautifully put together.Few books are written like this one!Check out my blog review. http://bookaholic-ness.blogspot.com/2013/06/book-review-between-shades-of-gray-by.html

Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass

Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass - Meg Medina I have to say, isn't that such a fab title? LOL. It's probably the longest title I've ever seen on a book and it's kind of ratchet too but aha no one cares because it's such a good story We talked about this book in Book Club sometime in March when it came out, and I've been motivated to read this book ever since. Despite how the title is somewhat ridiculous, I really have to admit that it was a meaningful title, that probably drew a lot of readers.. including me.Although reading about Latina girls fighting their butts off isn't my favorite sort of genre, I still liked this book. It was authentic and really portrayed a teen's life and how a bully can ruin it. Meg Medina wrote this book pretty well. She added a lot of humor that I probably laughed a lot at.. She also made a variety of interesting characters:Piddy- She was the main character of this story, and an okay one at that. She wasn't exactly likable. She was sort of motivated to change, mainly because of Yaqui. She wasn't doing the things she wanted to do and letting Yaqui stand in her way. That in itself was kind of annoying on its own, and I was really disappointed that Piddy didn't bother to do anything..Lila- Lila, I think, was my favorite character out of all of them. Yeah, she's the cool aunt of this story.. She sympathized with Piddy whenever she needed, and she was the one with most of the hilarious lines..Joey- I don't know what to think about Joey. At first, I thought that he was just another one of those dudes that would leave Piddy disappointed, but hey! What do you know.. I still feel uncomfortable about the chemistry that developed between them, though.... there are more characters that I might just be too lazy to discuss LOLMeg kept me turning the pages with this story of hers, and I hope to read more of her writing.

Life After Life

Life After Life - Kate Atkinson Okay, I was disappointed. The storyline is difficult to follow. But maybe I'll just try again one day when I'm more clearheaded and I have more leisure time.. For now, let's leave it at that.

Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies - This must be one of those classics that I've been wanting to read for quite a while. What I heard was that there were a bunch of boys stranded on an island and they became more and more dissolute with each turn of every page.Overall, it was really good, and (not to mention, with sparknotes as my guide...) I generally understood the whole thing. I this wasn't an assignment, I'm not sure if I would have read it.. lol.But yeah, if you haven't read it, give it a try.

A Gathering of Old Men

A Gathering of Old Men - Ernest J. Gaines Another amazing historical fiction, based off of the brutalities of racism between the blacks and the whites back then.. This plot was very well-organized!

Mystic City

Mystic City - Well, when I read the very first page, I wanted so bad to dislike this book because I just couldn't stand the cliche characters. I felt like it was going to be a cliche story and plot, too, but oh boy, was I wrong. At first, I didn't like the way that Theo Lawrence wrote this, at first, I thought that he was just using a stereotypical 'girl' as his main character. That made me uncomfortable. But hell yeah, does Aria (our main character, btw) have some depth! I still don't really like her though.. The plot is well-organized. Those twists, I just can't.. They were all really creatively planned, I have to say.I liked:-The plot-The cover (So gorg)-The whole general idea with the mystics and everything-The romance..? It was pretty cute.I didn't like:-How easy it was to guess things. I mean, come on, Theo! Let us be shocked and don't go so easy on our foreshadowing skills! So obvious..-How clueless Aria was. Well, maybe that's just me. I don't like her. Then again, I dislike many characters.That ending was such a cliffhanger. I think I want to read the next book. Really bad now.