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Why I Love My Gay Boyfriend

Why I Love My Gay Boyfriend - Sabrina Zollo I received an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I don't think I enjoyed this novel as much as I wanted to, and as much as I hate writing negative reviews, I guess I do have to write one after all.Things I liked:-The title and the cover. How creative, right? It's just very appealing. It's actually what lead me to read this book.And that list just sort of ends there. Things I didn't like:-The main character. Veronica was very, very naive and annoying. She was just.. no.-The whole story and its plot organization. Throughout this whole story, I was just waiting for it to become interesting. Like, okay, where is this going? I'll admit that I scanned the last few chapters, but I'm not sure if they were worth reading or not. Guess I'll never find out..Nonetheless, you might enjoy and it and you might not.