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Persephone's Orchard

Persephone's Orchard - Molly Ringle I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.First off, let's just start with the cover and the title. I have to admit that the cover is gorgeous, and that's what led me to want to read this in the first place. The title, of course, with Persephone in it, just radiated Greek mythology. And, in the end, I realized that the title was very connected to the story, which just makes it all the better.Well, the story began very abruptly, and instead of being pleased that I didn't have to wait forever for the book to become interesting, I just felt a little rushed and confused. Why so abrupt, you know? I'd almost gave up reading this by the time I got to page 50, but I decided to give it another chance before I'd abandoned it completely. It turned out to not be as bad and boring as I'd originally thought it'd be, but I didn't enjoy it as much as I'd wanted to.I'd thought that this story was going to be one of those cliche, contemporary-fantasy tie-ins, with those annoying main characters that are constantly in denial, but it turned out to be different, and Sophie turned out to not be the annoying main character that I'd anticipated. (But she was still annoying. At times.)The one thing of this whole book that kept me reading and not giving up was Sophie's dreams. Sophie's dreams were just, basically memories of all her past lives-- I can't really say anything without spoiling. But it was just so interesting to read about.Of all books, Persephone's Orchard mainly reminded me of Anew by Chelsea Fine. Subtle differences, but almost the same concept.Some parts really got me on the edge of my seat, I'll admit, but overall I think it was just.. okay. Not that good, and not bad, either. I remain neutral. Give it a try, though, if it sounds interesting to you. You might like it.