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Dear John

Dear John - Nicholas Sparks I actually enjoyed this book more than I thought I would, since the last book I read was a Cassandra Clare-- and her books do that to you, making you think all other books you read after her books are a bit inferior. But, I was proven wrong, for I got sucked into this story in no time. It's Nicholas Sparks, you know!(But it was still a rush-through since I had Beautiful Creatures just sitting there waiting for me to read it. 700 pages read this weekend. My eyes are exhausted. Anyways.)Enough about other books. Since I read the summary before I read the book (which was quite a wrong choice, for it spoiled something so bad.), I didn't really get the supposed-to-happen shock at the one part where the readers are supposed to start crying or somethin'. Since, first of all, the summary spoiled it for me, and, second of all, it wasn't that expected, since, you know. Nicholas Sparks tragedies? It sticks. It reminds me a lot about Sebastian Cole's SAND DOLLAR, for many reasons. But I have to say I like the lady character better in this book. Well, I actually liked this book enough to give it a 5 stars! It's a really good (and sad) read for readers of romance. It's not quite Romeo and Juliet- it's something else.And I guess that's enough of my nonsense. omfg.Click here to read my full review!