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Crescendo (Hush, Hush Saga)

Crescendo - Becca Fitzpatrick I have to give Becca Fitzpatrick credit on this one. Hush, Hush was absolutely fabulous. It compelled me to want to read more of the series, so I continue on to Crescendo. Am I satisfied? MORE THAN EVER. This was a wonderfully written book!At first, I didn't like the book much because all the characters annoyed me. I absolutely despise annoying characters. (I mean, who doesn't?) But still, I guess it's author talent that makes a character that needs to be annoying, well.. annoying. But in the end, I didn't mind that all the characters were that annoying because of the completely beguiling storyline. That storyline was completely AMAZING. I can't believe Becca Fitzpatrick managed to string everything together because this plot just connects so well with itself I can't--Nora, our protagonist, (our oh-so-annoying protagonist) is a very.. annoying..(obviously), oblivious, and indecisive girl. She'll just get on your nerves. Apparently, she was really angry at Patch, her.. guardian angel ahem ahem.. But the thing is, she's very indecisive about what to do. And oblivious. And really stupid. But you know..Vee, her best friend, is absolutely amazing. (You can't he;p but imagine her as Rebel Wilson. She looks like her, and her humor and attitude are almost the exact same..) I know I said I disliked all the characters, but Vee might be just an exception....Patch. Yeah, he's pretty hot. LOL. Um, I still kind of dislike him though. Because he's just really mysterious. Many people may find that hot, but I think it's just.. annoying. I know there's a deeper side to him that I didn't see YET. Hopefully I'll see that in the rest of the series.Which means, yes, I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the Hush, Hush Saga which has become all the rage.And, for those who've only read the first book, and are unsure about reading the rest of the series, (you, Dalena, LOL) GO AND READ IT BECAUSE CRESCENDO WAS SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE FIRST BOOK OH MY GOD AND THE FIRST BOOK WAS ALREADY VERY GOOD. Okay. That's it!