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Paper Towns

Paper Towns - John Green Well, okay. I've heard a lot of good things about this book. It's very mainstream, so mainstream that I saw a classmate reading this book the same time I was in math class. What-a-coinkydink. I don't mind that it's mainstream. I just dislike the fact that mainstream-ness and praise seem to be on the same train. Because, well, just because it's so mainstream doesn't mean it's good, right?Don't get me wrong. I really liked this book. John Green is amazing. I still think he's a writing god. (Somewhere beneath Mr.Sparks. HAHA.) The beginning was killer.Well, I'll just flat out say it. The thing that's keeping it from getting a full rating-- John Green tends to write books with somewhat the same plot. And the general plots.. well, generally.. include these:-A guy. Not a jock, not a total loser. Just a normal guy with a normal family with a normal life with normal insecurities and worries.-A girl. Suicidal, perhaps, with her own view of the world. Crazy and free. -Guy falls for girl. Girl doesn't quite fall for guy as much as he falls for her, BUT we don't know that because the story is usually in the guy's point of view.-There's always that best friend that is either lovable or dislikable or just whatever-able.-Something bad happens. Like a death, a disappearance, etc etc.-Guy tries to do something about it.-John's humor. (I swear, he is one funny guy.)I kind of noticed that after reading Looking for Alaska, and then An Abundance of Katherines, and then Paper Towns. Abundance wasn't as similar to Looking for Alaska as Paper Towns was, but Abundance still included most of the things on that list. Out of all John's books that I've read, I still like Fault In Our Stars the most, because it was the most original.A mon avis, this is what puts Nicholas Sparks above John Green on the Writing God thrones.But even still, I gave this book an 80% rating because I liked it. I really liked it. John Green has this way of writing that is completely admirable and engaging to the reader. He has a fabulous sense of humor that might get you a six-pack from laughing, who knows, and he is great at spinning up inside jokes and little things that mean little to the ordinary person but a lot to the everyday J. Green reader. You get what I'm saying?So I want to talk about this book more in depth instead of talking about the amazing John Green in general.Paper Towns seemed to be a favorite among many people, like I said, and I just wanted to read it. Yes, it was worth my 10 dollars. (Yes, ten freaking dollars.. YAY) And plus, I was in desperate need of a good contemporary book. So why not Paper Towns?!The main character, Quentin, whom we may call Q, is a very.. normal guy. He's been bullied by bullies growing up, he's a good student, perf attendance (dat's hawt) and he narrates with such a VOICE that screams 'JOHN GREEN!!' He is basically in love with Margo Roth Spiegleman, whose name we see very often in this book. That wasn't a spoiler because it's in synopsis anyway, for heaven's sake. So basically, one night, Margo comes up to him and talks to him for the first time in years. And the plot escalates. I won't say anything else lest I spoil something..But yeah, overall, the whole story was just very engaging. Definitely a page turner that keeps you goin' till the very end.