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Looking for Alaska

Looking for Alaska - I've been wanting to read this book for a while--because, well, 1, John Green is like a GOD, and 2, it's all the rage.Some people may argue that this book is too mainstream, and that's why they don't want to read it, and I see their point of view, but the fact that some books are too mainstream make me want to read them even more, because it just sparks my curiosity. The question is: Is it really that good? And all you really have to do is find out for yourself.So. Was this book good? Yes, it was. It was great. Fabulous. Sad. But I still have to say that I enjoyed The Fault In Our Stars much, much, more. Looking For Alaska was a really well-written book, but I didn't enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed John Green's way of writing.Character discussions- One thing that I admire about John Green is that he creates characters with depth...Alaska- Well, her name being on the title, I guess all of you can guess that she's a very important character. She's great, really. Once you get to know her you'll just wonder about her because you KNOW she has depth. You just know. I think she might be my favorite character.Pudge (Miles)- Well, his name's not in the title, but he just so happens to be our narrator. I can't help but be reminded of Charlie from The Perks of Being a Wallflower when I read this story in Pudge's point of view. How? Well, one thing is that he's easily influenced..Colonel- He may seem like a really tough guy that would rather die than open up to people, he's a really nice friend inside.Takumi- I can't be the only one that thought of Kenji from Tahereh Mafi's Shatter Me series. No, it's not only because they're both Japanese, gosh-- it's that they almost have the identical attitude about things. And I loveKenji. So I love Takumi too. Alaska and Takumi are definitely my top two..Yeah. The story was a bit slow in the beginning, but only for about two pages, because the plot moved on right away. Couldn't put the book down. Didn't want to get off the bed to drink some water- maybe because I was tired and lazy but mostly because I didn't want to put down the damn book.I hope to read more of John Green's books--I have Paper Towns in a pile under my desk right now--because he is A W E S O M E.