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Between - Jessica Warman So here's a story: Cindy came over that one day, and started raving about a book, telling me ALL about it, spoiling the WHOLE entire storyline for me. It sounded complicated. (But, God forbid, not as complicated as Katie Dale's Someone Else's Life. Give that book a try if you haven't read it, btw. It has a killer plot.) And then, a few weeks ago, she handed me this book and said, "Liana, this was the book I was talking about." And so I took it. The good thing was I forgot everything she rambled about, so the story remained a mystery. (Well, until I accidentally remembered something. Ugh.)I thought this was a pretty good book, actually. It has what a reader looks for in a book:-Well-organized plot-Plot twists-Character developmentI was about to put romance, but then it occurred to me that I'm one of the few people in this book-reading universe that actually looks for romance in every single book..On the very first page, I knew that the main character was a bitch. And yes, she is a spoiled, prissy bitch, but, what I absolutely LOVED the fact that she went through so much character development and she finally realized what was and what wasn't important; what's right or wrong.So, the thing is, the main character, Liz, is dead. No, that's not a spoiler, because you find out that she's dead in the first freakin' chapter. And she can't really remember anything except that her name is Elizabeth Valchar, and that she's rich and, ahem, pretty. And so she goes through all these memories, because they come back one at a time, and she sees her past self and she realizes how much of a bitch she really was. It's seeing herself from 'someone else's' eyes. Even though that someone else is basically her ghost.And there's this guy, Alex. He's the one who can see her. The one who's dead as well. At first, I thought he wasn't important, that he didn't need to be there at all, but oh-ho, WAS I WRONG.Which just leads me to the plot twists. I can't even. The plot twists are just so... TWISTED. LOL. But I kind of guessed most of them, like, a page before they happened. But you know.Definitely a page turner. Even if the beginning wasn't that gripping, this book is still pretty great.