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Wizard Heir

The Wizard Heir - Cinda Williams Chima I took forever on this book, and maybe it's due to my procrastination, or due to the fact that the plot is just not engaging at all. That's it, I'm not going to continue with the series. I skimmed the last quarter of this book. Like, literally, just kept flipping the pages so fast like it was an effort to fan myself.At first, after I read the first book, I thought that this series was going to be one of those series in which the story starts to get better after the first book. But actually, not really. For those of you who've read my reviews for James Patterson's WITCH AND WIZARD series, you know how much I despise his writing style. Somehow, I can't help but think Cinda Williams Chima is just the lady version of JP. Just no. I mean, I like the whole general setting of the story, I like how there are wizards, warriors, and enchanters and all, but I guess it's just not really my type of story.Seph is a good main character though, although I couldn't help but be annoyed at him in a few parts of this book. Gorgeous covers though, LOL.That's really all I have to say. You might love this series, or you might hate it.