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Monument 14

Monument 14 - I've been wanting to read this book for such a long time! I mean, like. The fab fab fab cover? The title? Synopsis? ALL. FLIPPING. AMAZAAAAAYN.The story was pretty good. I loved the plot. It teaches you a lot about being stranded in a grocery store with a group of other kids your age (or not) and learning how to survive with that. Considering if it's safe to trust outsiders, etc. However. The characters. Just ew. Okay. I don't like any of them. (When I finally thought that I could like a character he just boom betrays you. Ugh.)Also the romance between the main character and another character was nonexistent. How sad. But. I've been away from the Dystopian genre for a while. And this book was just wow. It's in the year 2024 and like, apparently, there was this huge hailstorm and everyone either died or took refuge, and then there was this huge black cloud and people with specific blood types started raging, started hallucinating, or started breaking out in blisters. Or nothing at all. And those blood types were so lucky. I was like daaaaang. I'm glad the main character was Dean. However, I would have enjoyed it as well if it were a point of view from one of the little kids looking back at their past. I think this whole story was Dean's 'journal', because from time to time he would say "I had to write this down because I'm a writer" etc. Honestly I had no idea how Dean was in physical appearance. I think he told us something about dark hair and green eyes and okay teeth and something like that. But then he said he needed to work out badly but honestly I couldn't imagine him fat. Maybe he just has a big gut or something. I don't know. All I know is that he's not hot.Seriously, the only thing dystopian about this book was the black cloud thing. But this book could have passed as modern with a huge chemical leak or something like that. Now that I look at the cover, everything makes sense. LOL. omg.The author is a pretty good writer that thinks of good ideas. (She's an actress. Wow.) Yeah. I would recommend this book to whoever wants to read something about being stranded or surviving or something like that.Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book!