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The Warrior Heir (Heir Series #1)

The Warrior Heir - Cinda Williams Chima Well, let's just say that this doesn't fit into the category of 'Liana's-normal-genre.' It was great and all, don't get me wrong, but I just didn't like it that much. I had this huge phase back then in which my favorite genre was Fantasy, but now I don't even know, since I'm so sick of Dystopia and I can't stand most Contemporary stories. I guess you would call me a picky reader..Anyways, I just finished this book this morning, hence the pajama-wearing at this moment. This is my first Cinda Williams Chima book, and I think I've got the general idea of what her writing is like. And yes, I'm looking forward to reading the next book. (If you're reading this, Ivy, then hehehehehehe)The main character. Jack. First of all, that name just makes me think of Titanic and that just makes me cry.. Okay, so if he were a girl-- let's just speculate here, so bear with me-- he would be one of those annoying female protagonists that find out something magical about themselves and are in constant denial throughout the whole entire book, despite all the evidence that comes popping up. And since Jack is a boy that discovers something magical about himself, he just reminds me of Harry Potter. There's only a small moment of denial in the beginning and then they just adapt to be warriors or wizards or whatever. I don't know why a girl is always in annoying-denial-phase throughout the whole story, while a boy is so adapting. It's getting on my nerves.. omg. Which is why I absolutely despise contemporary fantasy. (Harry Potter doesn't count because JK Rowling is typically a goddess of writing)At first sight, I didn't think that I would ever give this book a try. But here I am, done with the book and typing a review. Maybe because it didn't look like the type of book I would like.I'm sorry, but the romance wasn't good at all. Like many other authors, I have a feeling that CWC just added the romance in there because she could. Just a few kisses here and there, boom! Now romance readers would love it! I mean, I really appreciate the kissing scenes because they were ridiculously cute, but the book could have done well without it.And yeah. That's that.