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The Burning of Isobel Key

The Burning of Isobel Key - Jen McConnel Note: I received a free PDF copy of this book for a blog tour. However, it did not influence my review in any way.So, as I have said above, I didn't really think of the Blog Tour as I was reading this book. Honestly, it was pretty good! It passed by pretty quickly for 259 pages( Been reading big books lately). I didn't even skim and scan, either. (Which I pretty much do for most ebooks I receive if I lose interest in them.)So, the narrating is a bit interesting. It alternates between Modern Day, with Lou, a young adult in her 20s, struggling with her romance life and finding a good job/occupation, and with Isobel, a healer/doctor/midwife from the 1600s. I really liked the Isobel parts better, I tell you. Maybe it's just me liking the old-ish medieval-ish books. Not to mention all the Isobel chapters ended dramatically and made me want to skim through all the Lou parts. I'm not saying that the Lou parts were skimmed over! I actually read them all up because there were mentions of Isobel and stuff. Also, just to mention, this book is definitely not concentrated on romance. There IS romance at the end-ish, and it's so cute! I was so thankful that there was slow romance in this book so they could concentrate on their research, which is way more important, btw. And then they got in bed and I realized I spoke too soon about being thankful. Tsk.Between Tammy, Lou's best friend, and Lou herself, I think that there's a great friendship between them. Even if Tammy was a bit impatient at times and sometimes irritated at Lou's doggedness, Tammy would always stay calm and consider her friend's feelings. Lou is always caring for Tammy as well. It's going to be really difficult to get them to fight.The book summary is just such a spoiler. "Lou finds out about her past" blah blah blah. It's SO obvious that she's related to Isobel in some way if not in blood. Which is why my expressions throughout the whole book were.. As you notice, I only widened my eyes at one point. That was it. If you've seen my blog before, http://bookaholicness.com, and read at least one of my reviews, you see that I TOTALLY LOVE to do Quotes and Commentary. Unfortunately, I only have about 5 quotes for this book. I just couldn't really find anything to say about it. It just left me speechless. That's the one thing that made it a 4 stars instead of a 5. No shockers. As a reader, I love to run across shockers, and, only one of them in this whole book made me just widen my eyes. The title is self explanatory too. What do they do to witches? Yeah.Despite that, this is actually a REALLY good book! I loved the writing and everything. So, readers! You see that rating? Yeah? This book deserved every single star it received. So go read it!I also had a little Twitter convo with the author, and she said that the cover girl is Lou. Woot! Mystery solved. (; Click here to read my full review!