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The Disenchantments

The Disenchantments - Nina LaCour 4 Stars. Because 3 stars doesn't quite fit. And 5 stars isn't really what I had in mind. So. If you're looking for an enthusiastic review, you won't find one below. And if you're looking for a negative review, it won't be here either. It's just neutral. Of my thought process~I took so long on this book (1.5 weeks) it feels so awkward typing a review. Sigh. Alright. So, this book was from the Book Club at my high school. I took it (and added it to my intimidating pile of books I had to read) and read it. I knew it was Contemporary when I picked it up but however, I still wanted to read it. Because I've been giving Contemporary novels more chances lately and I've been liking lots of them. This book is just basically a whole week of the story. One week in 300-something pages. Amazing. That's one of the things I liked about this story because the author knows how to write. And keep the reader entertained. She doesn't go.. "And the day passed by." No. She writes every detail of that important week. The thing I liked the most was that she actually sucked the reader in with her writing. It was really authentic. And yeah, since there's a girl on the cover, I thought the main character would be a girl too. But no. "I'm a guy." I was like, WHAT. JFSLJFJ OK THEN.Basically, the story is something like this: Girl and guy save up to go to Europe, decide to forfeit college. When they finally decide to go. The girl says she's going to effing college and leaving him. And yeah. Long story short. I thought there would be more action and suspense but not really. It's just them going on their tour and the guy just saying "WHY WHY WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL MEEEEE?" But. There was this one mystery that was interesting enough. (:The Disenchantments taught me a lot about tattoos. The book, I mean. I think out of all the characters in this whole book, I like Jasper. Yeah. Because of his name. AND. His personality. His voice is always energetic and buoyant and he makes people feel so much better. And he's an amazing, amazing tattoo artist. At the end, I couldn't love him more. He is AMAZAYN, EXTRAORDINHARRY, BRILLIAM, PHENOMENIALL, AND FABULOUIS~~ (Misspellings intended.)And, The Disenchantments. As in the band in this book. I like them a lot because they're strong and they don't dress like strippers and yeah. They're just different. And they're smart, too. Even if their songs aren't that good? Still.And honestly, all I have to say is that I'm going back to the Dystopian genre for now. LOL.