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Where She Went

Where She Went - Gayle Forman This is the sequel to If I Stay, which I read 2 years ago, not to mention forgetting some of the details. Honestly, that wasn't even the best book ever. I felt like falling asleep on some parts, but I guess that's just me discovering that Contemporary books aren't my thing.Since in If I Stay, Mia was in a freakin' coma, and she was the one narrating, I didn't get to know her that well from another person's point of view. One of the things I like about this book is that Adam is narrating, instead of Mia. So we can see Mia from his point of view.Adam. Well, this is interesting, ain't it? In If I Stay, he seemed like a totally different guy. Or maybe I don't remember that well. He smokes now, gets angered at the smallest things, yells at people, and throws tantrums. He's a rock star rising to fame, and yet when the paparazzi comes he loses his composure and that sort of affects his stardom a little.Mia, on the other hand, didn't change as much, if I'm allowed to say. Honestly, I don't know. From what I collected together about her in the first book, she was like that in the second book.This was seriously a quick read. Finished in a few hours in one sitting. The story revolved around one or two days.When I finished the first book, I was just like, "UGH NO I'M NOT READING ANY MORE GAYLE FORMAN," but I seemed to change my mind, since I was told the second book was better than the first, which is somewhat true... But, more accurately, I think they're both Gayle Forman style. I grudgingly opened this book and was faced with satisfaction. I like how Forman explained the stuff from If I Stay and made everything right again.