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Defiance (The Courier's Daughter Trilogy)

Defiance (The Courier's Daughter Trilogy, #1) - C.J. Redwine Ok. Ok. So I've been wanting to read this book for a LONG time. When I first heard about this book, I was like, "THAT COVER. THAT TITLE. THAT SUMMARY. GOODNESS. I MUST READ." And then my friend went to Barnes and Noble and I was like, "Wait! YOU MUST GET ME THESE BOOKS!" Of course Defiance was one of them. When I read this book I actually took off the cover to prevent damage to it. LOL. You know what I just noticed? The title I have on my book is in different font from the virtual cover. Ohmy. Anyways, enough of my talking about randomness.Honestly, it was great. I really liked it. Advanced technology, with a little hint of Medieval in it? Strong, persistent, female protagonist? Yes. I like that. The romance wasn't too overboard at all. I really like the names, too. Logan and Rachel. Rachel and Logan. Perfect, right? It's perf. Especially Logan. -Logan Lerman cough cough- It's kind of awkward at first, though, because, Rachel has once spilled her heart out to Logan but he brutally rejected her, just like that. And then when they get older, Logan is just starting to realize how much he actually loves her. Boom. Like that. However, I would've liked it a lot better if they spent more time together. They just spend time in the beginning, and then the almost end. Time for spoilers. Mainly because Logan got captured and put in jail and everything, and then she finds out her father is dead, and then Oliver dies too, which is horribly sad because so many people die. If Logan died I would be like WTF. At the end, where Logan thought she almost died, I almost cried because I felt so bad for him. Just SO bad. But then she turned out being alive and I was like, YESSSSSS. That wasn't that much of a paragraph. LOL. So, if you didn't read the spoiler, then I just want to tell you that there are a lot of unexpected and sad deaths. Really sad.I really like the story setting, I like the plot, and I absolutely love the characters and the romance. Yep. And things didn't get erotic either. It sort of reminds me of Kristin Cashore's Graceling. I suppose that's it. I finished this book about 12 hours ago and I don't really recall all the thoughts that came through my head.. Anyways, yeah! It was a great and enjoyable read.