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Throne of Glass

The Assassin and the Princess - Sarah J. Maas **This is book 1 of Operation Speed Up Reading.*** Since I've been slowing down recently on reading I decided to train myself to go faster. Since libraries only give you a 2 week checkout (plenty of time, not even kidding. I'm just procrastinating that much) I decided to go to the library instead of opening a book I actually own and can take my time on. I told myself, NO RENEWALS. So yeah, that's Operation Speed Up Reading. Aka, OSUR. Okay, anyways. I've been wanting to read this book for quite some time now, and when I saw it at my school's library I just was like, ERMAHGERD and I immediately checked it out. And no, I was NOT disappointed! I liked this book a lot, and I'm hovering between 4 and 5 for the rating. Let's just say 4.5, okay? Which is closer to five..Character discussions.Celaena- The protagonist. Covergirl. She's a good one. It's been a while since I met a good protagonist. I mean, I like her, but then again, not really. She's really tough and I know she can fight for herself and fight for what's right. She's got killer fighting skills, (pun intended, ahem) and that's what I LOVE about her. But, on the other hand, she's arrogant, feisty, and pushy. Wouldn't really wanna be her friend. But yeah, really strong. She does a lot of speculation, which is kinda annoying. "I could snap his neck right now." "These idiots don't know what they're doing, giving me access to these weapons." "I could peel off his skin with my bare hands." etc, but the thing is she never takes action. It's just some crazy serial killer speculation. But I think the author did it on purpose... Wow. SJ Maas did a good job.Nehemia- I feel bad for her. At first, I thought that I was destined to hate her, but it turns out that she's not half bad. I actually like her more than Celaena, except I got to know Celaena better. Nehemia is a great friend and the type that would never perform a betrayal (unless there's a huge turn of events.. isn't there always?)Dorian- He's such a prince. LOL. Um, I really don't know what to think. He's a very.. princey guy. He seems pretty useless though. But he's pretty cool. He reminds me of one of my friends which is just kind of awkward. Cerian. Doraena. Celaerian. CELAERIAN. I SHIP ITChaol- I imagined him as an old guy. But it turns out he's not as old as I thought he would be. He's a good guy. I like Chaol.The romance in this book is just so sad I don't want to even talk about it. Sad as in barely there and a small amount. That sad. Not sad as in Nicholas Sparks tragedy sad. Because if it were like Nicholas Sparks tragedies then I would be screaming right now. But yeah, it's the other sad. It was so weak I was like.. ugh. I expected more to happen but there were only a few kissing scenes and I was severely disappointed in this one aspect that I look for in every book. Don't get me wrong. I don't like erotica. But this just wasn't enough.And now the title. I think it makes some sense, but it's not the most important thing in this story. I would have felt better if the title was Ardalan's Assassin, because that's what she is and she's also on the cover. Tbh, the throne of glass in this book is the throne that the friggin king seats his icy butt on. But that's it. It has nothing to do with Celaena at all. It took me a while to pull together enough details to understand the title, and I was just like, okay.. this doesn't really have anything to do with the whole story.This story reminded me a lot of The Hunger Games-- like, a lot a lot. Like, a medieval version of THG. Overall, the story was fantabulous and I am far from disappointed.