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Revived - WHAT THE HECK. OH MY GOD. THIS BOOK WAS FLIPPING AMAZING.I LOVE IT. SO MUCH. WOW. OKAY.I really wanted to read it because one of my friends wrote a review for this book; saying that we HAD to read it and etc etc. And I ended up loving it. Just so freaking amazing. Ahhhhh.Okay. So basically, the main character, Daisy, died 5 times. A lot of reviewers point that out because they want to prove that she's quite dislikable; how she got so much chances, how she's so accident-prone, etc etc. But yeah. Actually, even if I'm sort of annoyed at her carelessness sometimes, I actually don't dislike Daisy.I don't really think this is Dystopian. It's Modern Day with a secret medicine thingy. That apparently revives people from the dead. Wow. Just wow. I really liked this book especially because of the authentic voice. I mean, if the writing was bad, I would have fallen asleep. And that's saying a lot because I actually stayed up at night reading in a really uncomfortable position with a flashlight. It made my back sore but this story was all worth it.So her boyfriend. Matt. He's kind of jerky. I don't know. He has anger issues and I don't like him that much. Although he's hot. LOL.In truth, Audrey was my favorite in this book. She was so free and even if she died I will always remember her. The author does a really good job of foreshadowing. Like, I can totally guess what's coming ahead. I would have preferred it if there was more suspense though. I could pretty much guess every shocking thing, and all I would say is "I knew it." But there were these moments..-gasp- It must be....omg, I should have known it was.........etc. And the reader has no idea of what was after the dot dot dots. Dot.. dot.. dot dot dot. You get the point. Anyways, I was somewhat annoyed. But despite that, I totally loved this book and the idea of Revived and the minor twist at the end. So I kind of always knew that Audrey would die because of the stuff some people say in their reviews without adding a spoiler tag, and besides, she was acting up, coughing, fainting, etc. It was really guessable and foreshadowable. Wow. Cat Patrick. -applause-Overall, I loved this book. But you probably knew that already, hence the 5 stars. Yeah. Great book! Totally a recommendation.