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Eve and Adam

Eve and Adam - Okay. So. What got me started is a Goodreads Ad. So whoever created the ad, goodjob. You can really attract a reader like that! I was like, ooh. This book looks good. And yes, I did the guilty thing. Judged a book by its cover. But hey! It was a great judgement- the book was fabulous. Maybe not a 10/10 but definitely a 9.8. That still counts as 5 starts on Goodreads! The only thing that kept me from giving it a complete ten is that I can't really tell who's talking. Yep, it's one of those books in which the chapters alternate among the characters that narrate. And, even if there are apparently 2 authors, I think they write the same, if I happen to be right in guessing that they took turns writing chapters in their own way. Anyways, enough about that. It only took off 0.2 from my rating. Since I can't really tell who's talking most of the time even with The Voice.Anyways, I recently went to an event in my city's Main Library. It was called, "Teen Read Week." There was food and a movie playing too, I guess that's what encouraged people to come. But me? Oh, Psh. On the flyer, I saw "Take Home Free Books!" and I was all like, OH YES I'M GOING. WHO CARES ABOUT THE MOVIE, WHO CARES ABOUT THE FOOD. I WANT THE BOOOKS. And I ended up getting 17 free books. Woot. And when I saw Eve & Adam I was just like OMG THIS BOOK GAH and I grabbed it with this rushing adrenaline stream going through my body almost making me want to cry with joy. Out of all the 17 books I got (View them