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The Hunt (Hunt Trilogy)

The Hunt - Andrew Fukuda No I did not think it was going to be this good. Despite the alluring cover and interesting title and even terrifyingly better synopsis. Okay yeah. I loved this book so much I just want to crawl in a corner now and get my hands on book 2. I'm telling you I NEED to know what happened. That cliffhanger ending is gonna kill everyone who reads this. I'm serious.When I first cracked this open, I was severely annoyed and irritated and sick and tired of bloodsucking creatures. But then when I got further into the story I didn't care anymore because that's what made the story suspenseful. AND I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH UGHTHE BEGINNING WAS SORT OF SLOW BUT THAT WAS THE BEGINNINGLIKE 2 PAGES OF THE WHOLE BOOKBECAUSE IT WAS PAST THE BEGINNING BY PAGE 3AND YEAHERMAGERDAnyways. The main character isn't really.. I didn't really get to know him that well. But then he is actually really noble and I know he would save another before he saved himself. And I like that about him. I sort of imagined him as Jonathan Bennett. Hey, if they didn't give me a description of the character, might as well imagine him hot. LOL.The romance was okay. I could have seriously done fine without it, though. It was sort of like this:-I KNEW YOUR SECRET-I LIKED YOU ALL ALONG-PLEASE LIKE ME BACK-EVEN IF YOU DON'T JUST PRETEND YOU LIKE ME FOR A SECOND OKAY-I'M GONNA SACRIFICE MYSELF FOR YOU BECAUSE I CAN'T BEAR TO SEE YOU DIEIt was somewhat awkward, but awkwardly cute. :DActually, now that I think about it, the romance was actually the motivation to most of the things that the character and his lover did for each other. It reminded me a lot of The Hunger Games.So, before I get any further. (I think I got far enough but oh well) Humans are apparently quite rare and they're called hepers. I was sort of offended at the interpretation the 'people' (bloodsuckers) had of humans, as wild, wild animals that didn't know how to take care of themselves. To be honest, the hepers were actually smarter than all the bloodsuckers. But no one knew that.Even the main character, Gene, thought that he was smarter than all the other hepers, because.He blended in with the bloodsuckers from the start, which is why the summary is all like, "DON'T DO THIS AND DON'T DO THAT DON'T DRAW ATTENTION TO YEEESELFF." Or he would be eaten and torn to pieces. And that's bad. And when he actually saw how smart and adept the other hepers were he was like "SERIOUSLY NOW OMG WHAT"This whole book was gorgeously written. There were terrifying parts and suspenseful parts and what's-gonna-happen-now parts that made me clutch the book like a lifeline. It hurt to put down between intervals. I would have finished it in one sitting if I could have.I can't wait to read book 2. Most of this book was just like Yeah. This is definitely a recommendation! Everyone go read it.