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Sand Dollar

Sand Dollar: A Story of Undying Love - Sebastian Cole Update: I think I have to rewrite this review. After I read Nicholas Sparks's The Notebook, I realize how much Sebastian Cole had gotten from it. We all know that Nicholas Sparks was an inspiration to Sebastian-- but just how much? When the two books are compared, the similarities are striking, especially when we see that The Notebook was Mr. Sparks's debut novel. Well, let's just start out with the whole entire plot. If anything, Sand Dollar is just a rewritten version of The Notebook, pretty much with different names. The ending was the same, if looked at vaguely, the female role had gotten a mind-altering disease that made a dent in the main characters' relationship. It was a tragedy, with a bittersweet ending that all suckers for romance would love. Although sweet, and its plot pretty well organized, this story is not exactly the most original.