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Ash - Malinda Lo I have this thing for retellings. Like, it's the same but only different. It's unique and original at the same time as it was adapted. I've been meaning to read this for a long time, and i think the only reason I brought it up to the top of my TBR list is because Malinda Lo is coming in for an author visit! How exciting. Anyways, I've already read her newest novel, Adaptation, and it was really good! She's a good writer!Ash was a Cinderella retelling, as all know, with a lesbian twist. I don't know why, but I was kind of disappointed that she had spoiled that for us that Ash was actually a lesbian. It would have been a really cool twist. I don't think I hated her stepmother as much because I just hate all stepmothers in Cinderella retellings, so it's just like an instinct, you know?When I first got my hands on this book, the first thing that came across my mind was that it was smaller than I had ever anticipated. It was only 260-something pages. Despite that, it was still a pretty nice and short read that I enjoyed thoroughly. Ash is sometimes an annoying little brat (despite her being 4 years older than me) and sometimes dislikable. Just a warning for those who hate annoying protagonists..The romance was pretty good, between Ash and Kaisa, but one part of me wishes that she had ended up with Sidhean.. I mean, he loved her and everything!