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Dark Triumph

Dark Triumph - Robin LaFevers LaFevers writes with what only can be described as amazing grace. No it does not have anything to do with the song She writes very descriptively and a reader can just conjure images into his or her head.At first, the plot was a bit slow and it didn't really help that the text was ridiculously small-- however, just a little later in the book, it started to get really interesting! So I'd definitely vote for the latter half of this story.This is, I confirm for many curious readers, better than the first book. So if you've read Grave Mercy and are hesitant to read Dark Triumph, I'd say go for it. If you haven't read GM, then go read it!One thing I liked about this book was the romance. In the first book, between Ismae and Duval, the romance was a little bit too slow for my comfort. I just can't. However, I can't really say who Sybella, whom this story is about, falls in love with because that would just be spoiling. So, yay for the spoiler tags. The romance between Sybella and Beast(LOL, I was shocked when I found out he was ALIIIIIIIIIIVE) is actually very cute. It developed not to slow and not too fast and it showed that looks don't matter at all, and even if she declared her love for him and kissed him so many times, he still didn't turn from the beast into the handsome prince, didn't turn from the frog to the good-looking sexy guy. He's still Beast, and ABSOLUTELY AWESOME.Another thing that I adored was that the plot was VERY, VERY organized and it just connected very well with a lot of things. Like there were a bunch of scattered dots on a plane and LaFevers just took a pencil and connected all those dots for us to create a picture-- in this case, Sybella and Ismae's story.I think I actually liked everything about this book except for the uncomfortably small text that made me sigh in laziness and the slow beginning! So, for those who haven't read Grave Mercy, once again, I highly recommend that you do!I can't wait to read the third, and I think last, book of this series.