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Interrupted: Life Beyond Words

Interrupted: A Life Beyond Words - Rachel Coker Honestly, I don't really know what I expected. Cindy, you said this was good, LOL Anyways, I've always liked Historical-fiction books, but INTERRUPTED really wasn't as good as I had thought it would be. But it was still good.I liked the fact that this story had a message about loving people and the definition of family, and all. That's definitely something notable about this book.But the great things sort of end there-- actually, the main character was an ungrateful, annoying little shit and it got on my nerves. She was in denial the whole time, like, I HATE CHRISTIANS AND BEATRICE IS NOT MY MOTHER AND I HATE EVERYONE AND I DON'T LOVE SAM CARROLLWho was she trying to convince? Herself. And she really has no one to blame but herself, but she's been blaming others for most of the book. Which, obviously, got on my nerves.I liked how she finally sort of woke up at the end..The main character really has nothing to do with the low rating, actually, since annoying main characters who change at the end are in some very, very good books.The whole thing seemed surreal in a way. Maybe things were like that back then, but it set in just a little more than half a century ago.. Would someone just march in out of nowhere and say HIIII I'M YOUR BEST FRIEND AND WE'RE GONNA BE BFF'S FOREVER!? Or, did all the boys just chase after you and get into fights because of you? Things aren't supposed to be that easy and simple, although this story had things happen just because, I feel, the author wanted them to happen, without any building blocks.Also because the author's writing didn't really captivate me at all and this whole story wasn't too enjoyable and well-organized-- the climax was nowhere to be seen, not really. This whole plot was just sort of dry and flat. It was mainly about a girl who refused to appear weak and truly accept things for what they were, and finally decided to give in at the very end.