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The Diamond Seekers

The Diamond Seekers - Jack Everett, David Coles One of the authors sent me a review copy! I guess I'm sort of being unfair with the rating, but I'm not a big fan of Mysteries at all. My to-be-read list is overflowing right now, and I kind of skimmed some of the pages. And I actually sat down and read this. What I liked about it was that it's actually legitimately MODERN. Like, 2012 modern. I'm sick of people calling 2005 or 1990 stories modern because it's not that kind of modern. It's like. So- many -years- ago -modern. I know there's supposed to be a bit of romance, but it didn't really qualify in the romance section for me, because, well. It sort of reminded me about that one lady in The Dark Knight Rises that turned out to be the antagonist. But she had sex with him so many times! So sadly, it wasn't the romance I was expecting. But the good thing is, the suspense of the mystery made up for it. Mystery & Suspense fans, you have to read this book!