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The Heavenward Path

The Heavenward Path - Kara Dalkey The Heavenward Path is the companion to LITTLE SISTER. Unfortunately, I didn't like this book better than the first one, to which I gave a 5 stars. D: But it was still enjoyable. I really liked it. Until the end, you know? I know a good book has to make readers cry and show emotion. I can't say I hated the ending. I mean, they're both alive and they still get to see each other. It's just not meant to be.Okay, so really. For those people who haven't read this book, like, don't read the next paragraph because of spoilers.So, in LITTLE SISTER, I was happy with the end because Goranu promised they would meet again. Oh wait, you know what would really work to get your tears out? Play some sad Asian music while reading the part where she refused his proposal. I can't believe it. She preferred to be a NUN and get 'enlightened' rather than become the Tengu PRINCESS. Really now? Tengu princess sounds so cool. So when I was reading the Heavenward Path, there were some signs of romance between the two, but nothing really happened. D: Except the part where they just called each other stupid names like, Goru-chan and Mitsu-chan and the part where Goranu almost died.-------Okay, I hope you didn't read that paragraph if you haven't read the book. THE ENDING IS NOT FAIR! Yet again, nothing is fair.