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Shadowfell - Juliet Marillier Okay, once again: I wanted to read a book because of its fantabulous cover. I'm kind of stuck between the choices of 4 stars or 5 stars. Um. I'll just go with 5 just because.Anyways.The main character, Neryn, is kind of annoying and rude and everything. Even if I can understand her difficulties, I think that she would have been better off as a guy character because her attitude and personality is just so boyish I thought she was a boy in the first few pages. Until the father was like, "Daughter." And I was like, OH.Shadowfell has a lot of adventure in it. It reminds me a lot of Kristin Cashore's Graceling (but of course Graceling is so much more amazing).I haven't read a first-person narrated book in a while, so I thoroughly enjoyed this book.The author actually created a really good plot. Also the dramatic chapter-endings. Keeps the reader reading. So, even if the character of Flint, (main male role) doesn't narrate the story, he's really important and I would like to talk about him. He's, first of all, not exactly my idea of attractive. I mean, his eyes have depth and everything but judging by how the main character looks on the cover, they don't make a cute couple. And he's 5 years older than her. It's so awkward though. Despite that, he's actually a really sweet and gentle guy (still keeping his masculinity, if you're wondering) that cares for Neryn the whole time. But what annoyed me was that he kept leaving her and telling her to stay put when he was the one that didn't take responsibility for her and take her along. Even so, Neryn still got known as "Flint's girl." Screams awkwardness. However, even if I don't LOVE either character very much, I still like them. In the end, I figured out that they actually make a really cute couple. The romance progressed out slowly, and they finally showed some affection at the end. And then the freaking story ends.So, the title. Shadowfell. In the story, it's quite a big part. It's actually a place that Neryn has to get to for specific reasons. The ending is so dramatic. Not quite cliffhanger--- but really, really, really really really dramatic. Now I want the rest of the books in this trilogy. Oh gosh, please don't be a love triangle. I just know that there's going to be more romance in the rest of the books.Anyways, that's all I really have to say. I actually liked this book well enough to finish it in one sitting.