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The Darkest Minds

The Darkest Minds - Alexandra Bracken And here I go, starting out this reviews like I start many other reviews: This was a recommendation. Heard lots of good things about this book. Yep. LOL. I liked this book lots. When I heard so many good things about it, I knew I had to check it out.The cover and title are absolutely fabulous, and they were the aspects of this book that drew me in at first. Dad barged into the room as I was reading this and he grabbed it and started accusing me of having a dark and wicked mind.. LOL.At first, I'll have to admit, it wasn't really that good until after the first 100 pages. (Things started to escalate from there, so yipee!)It probably had to do with the fact that I'm absolutely SICK of the dystopian genre-- and I shouldn't really be reading something in the same genre as the story that I'm currently writing, in case I get influenced.. I'll probably go back to the dystopian genre one day when I'm honestly sick and tired of Fantasy and Contemporary. Anyways, when I had my first glance at this book, I had no idea that it was going to be dystopian at all, but, it was really good, still.This book is actually what I consider to be 'semi-dystopian' where the world isn't really different from our modern world today, but still quite different. It's set in the future, where Barack Obama is NOT president. So that's one hint that it's in the future. Another one is is the camps. The camps are a terrible place to be, kind of like the Japanese internment camps many decades ago. Except, instead of innocent Japanese people, the camps have kids in them. Kids that are segregated into groups by sex and 'color.' You're either green, blue, red, orange, or yellow, and that technically defines your danger to the adults. Usually in dystopian worlds, the adults are always unreasonable.The ending. It was the ending that totally got me going. All I really wanted to do was scream and hurl the book across the room at the ending, but what I did was sob. omg. I can't. The ending is what makes this book a true tragedy.. to me, anyway. It was definitely a twist ending, fosho.The romance is absolutely adorbs and completely WONDERFUL. I wouldn't have liked this book without the romance. The romance is why the ending happened at all.Character Discussions-Ruby- She's a likable protagonist, and she's independent, too, but she gets scared easily and sometimes the readers can't help but be just a tiny bit annoyed.Chubs- His nickname is awesome, 'cept I like Charles so much better. LOL. He's absolutely AWESOME. Chubs is such a great character I can't even. He seems to be the 'I-wanna-look-like-I-don't-care-but-I-actually-do' guy. He's loyal, mostly.Liam- I love Liam. His Southern accent, the way he says 'darlin',' the way his blond hair curls against his neck. Ermahgerd. He's so nice and an AMAZING leader.Suzume- She's a wonderful little girl, smart and optimistic. No one can dislike her!Overall, I enjoyed this book!